Thursday, October 28, 2010

An Aztec Quiz

Try This Quick Quiz

1. What was the name of the Aztec capital city?

2. What lake was it built on?

3. Who, or what, was "The Feathered Serpent"?

4. Who, or what, was "Blue Hummingbird"?

5. Who was the god of rain?

6. What is obsidian?

7. Who were the Calpulli?

8. Who, or what, were Pochtecas?

9. Why were the Spanish called "conquistadors"?

10. Who was Hernan Cortes?

11. How did the Spanish and Aztec ways of fighting differ?

12. What forms did Aztec sacrifice take?

13. Why would the Aztecs have sacrificed children?

14. What goals did the conquistadors have in Mexico?

15. What is a codex?

16. How did the Aztecs deliver fresh water to their capital city?

17. What is a causeway?

18. What were Chinampas used for?

19. In what year did the Spanish finally conquer the Aztecs' capital city?

20. What did the Spanish build on the site of the Aztec Templo Mayor (Great Pyramid)?

Now for a couple of more detailed questions!

21. List the effects that the Spanish conquest had on the Aztecs and their culture.

22. Outline reasons why the Aztecs decided to build their capital city where they did.

23. Eplain why the Aztecs carried out human sacrifice.

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